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  • Our students score as high as three grade levels above the national average on standardized tests.
  • All teachers are certified by Pennsylvania as well as the Association of Christian Schools International.
  • We've been offering the best in Christian education since 1982.
  • Fine Arts, Athletics, and Technology are mainstays of the Hillcrest experience.
  • Our students excel at ACSI spelling bees, public speaking competitions, and math competitions
  • All of our graduates attend the college of their choice, across the country!


Hillcrest Christian Academy provides excellent academic training for your child.  All of our teachers are PA-State Certified, and many have advanced degrees in their fields.  Our school is accredited through the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. 

Our exceptional curriculum, including comprehensive English and foreign-language training, fully-equipped computer labs, speech and language specialists, and instructional support services equip our students for success in high school and beyond.


In addition to being highly-trained professionally, our teaching staff is motivated by a desire to serve Jesus Christ through their service to students and their families. 

Bible classes are taught to the children at every grade level.  The use of a solid Bible-based curriculum, daily prayer and devotions in the classroom, and weekly chapel services conducted by leaders from area churches produces an atmosphere of God-honoring respect that is evident throughout the HCA campus.  Students carry this quality with them as they represent the school on field trips and as they interact with children from other schools.

Monthly character themes such as service, compassion, respect, and integrity are tied to Scripture memory verses and reiterated throughout the month.  Discipline is handled according to Biblical principles, and modesty is enforced through the school dress code.  And HCA is certified in the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program.

Athletics, although competitive, are first an exercise in teamwork and  sportsmanship.  Students learn how to give their best as they work together toward victory, but also how to accept defeat graciously when it occurs. 


The biggest investment you can make is into your children.  Financially, emotionally, nutritionally, physically, and academically, your children deserve the very best you can provide.  They represent the future of our community, our nation, and our world.  During their academic years, when their personalities emerge more fully, and their world begins opening up in terms of social interaction and relationship-building, it is imperative that they be trained in a safe, nurturing environment.  Our small class size, and our commitment to using Biblical principles in everything we do, makes Hillcrest an exceptional choice for your family.  Believe in your children’s potential to excel.  We do.

What Our Parents Say

“We absolutely love Hillcrest!!! Michael is in Full-day Kindergarten. We plan on sending him all the way thru grade 12! Nothing beats a Christian education with God in the center of it all! The staff have a real love for these kids. Can't say enough amazing things about this school!!!! Mrs. Janusey is absolutely amazing!!!”
--Brandi Mariano

Partners In Education

  • Middle States Association
  • Association of Christian Schools International
  • National Honors Society
  • Southwestern Christian Athletic League
  • Bethel Church League
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