Early Childhood


Our three-year old program provides children with a healthy, encouraging, and loving atmosphere in which to introduce them to the school environment. Our goal is to make their introduction to school a positive one, which will instill in them a love for lifelong learning. Children learn how to participate in large group activities, follow directions, sing songs, play games, listen to stories, paint, color, and use scissors. They learn to recognize their names, identify colors and shapes, count to at least ten, sing the alphabet, and recite simple poems, including the Pledge of Allegiance! While the curriculum focuses on the development of fine and gross motor skills, the Bible and Biblical concepts are integrated throughout all activities. Children learn how to share, take turns, make friends, use manners, and pray.  Three Year-Old Pre-K meets on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.


Our program for four year-olds is designed to prepare children for a successful transition into Kindergarten. Children grow through a comprehensive program that helps them learn and explore new concepts. The Letter People Reading Readiness program is a phonics-based curriculum that parallels children’s natural learning pattern. Children get to know and recognize letters and sounds through their interaction with 26 Letter People Puppets. They begin to sound out words and can identify rhyming words and similar sounds effectively.   They will also learn to write their first name and copy other letters. We use the celebrated Harcourt Math curriculum to teach several basic concepts. Sorting and classifying, working with patterns, measurement, graphing, and number concepts are all included throughout the school year. By June, students can recognize and write numbers and verbally count to at least ten. With music, storytelling, craft time, and many other hands-on activities, children are given a firm foundation to succeed at Kindergarten and beyond. The Bible is not only taught at a certain time of the day, but is integrated throughout all daily activities. Teachers use Bible stories, puppets, prayer, and music to teach children about God and the Lord Jesus Christ. Our goal is to make sure they know that God loves them, and that He wants us to love and serve Him. Children learn that God is the Creator and Sustainer of the universe, that Jesus is our Savior and Friend, that the Bible is God’s authoritative Word, and that prayer is our own personal time to talk to God. Throughout the year, children will:

  • begin to view prayer as communication with God.
  • begin to respect others’ feelings and property.
  • begin to understand weekly Bible verses.
  • begin to understand Bible stories and characters.

At Hillcrest Christian Academy we not only teach the minds of children with an excellent academic curriculum, we train their hearts, helping them to know God, to love Him, and to serve Him. Four Year-Old Pre-K meets on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornngs. 

What Our Parents Say

“We absolutely love Hillcrest!!! Michael is in Full-day Kindergarten. We plan on sending him all the way thru grade 12! Nothing beats a Christian education with God in the center of it all! The staff have a real love for these kids. Can't say enough amazing things about this school!!!! Mrs. Janusey is absolutely amazing!!!”
--Brandi Mariano

Partners In Education

  • Middle States Association
  • Association of Christian Schools International
  • National Honors Society
  • Southwestern Christian Athletic League
  • Bethel Church League
  • RenWeb Parent Portal