Many years ago, God gave a vision to Hillcrest Christian Academy.  It was a vision for a gym and additional classrooms—spaces that would  enable HCA to grow in its mission and ministry of providing a quality Christian education to families in the South Hills of Pittsburgh.  Little did the leadership of the school know where that vision was going to lead.

Phase I of the project was completed in 2007 when HCA dedicated its new gym to the glory of God.  Before  the classrooms could be built, however, Hillcrest would break ground in a way they had not expected. In 2009, a new vision began to unfold, one which expanded on the orignal.  Hillcrest would expand its ministry to include High School level courses. 

Well, HCA graduated its first High School class in 2014, and with the upper classes growing quickly,  Hillcrest found that the need for classrooms was greater than it was in 2007.  As the vision grew, so must the building.

The new plan included a two-story building which houses seven classrooms and a fully equipped science lab, a plan which was completed in the Spring of 2016.  Middle and High School will be the main tenants in the new building beginning in the 2016-2017 school year, providing the following benefits for students:

· Increased space for all grade levels, allowing growth in enrollment that is not currently possible.
· A larger library/media center that will encourage independent and collaborative research, as well as access to more materials.
· A fully equipped science lab for experiments in biology, chemistry, and physics.
· A larger, dedicated band and music room.· Separation between 7-12th graders and K-6, allowing better flow between classes.
· A larger, more user-friendly computer lab.
· Dedicated spaces for art classes.
· Dedicated spaces for elementary science labs.
· Standardized classroom sizes at all grade levels.
· More storage space, eliminating clutter and reducing off-site storage space costs.


Partners In Education

  • Middle States Association
  • Association of Christian Schools International
  • National Honors Society
  • Southwestern Christian Athletic League
  • Bethel Church League
  • RenWeb Parent Portal