HCA Pre-K and Kindergarten Programs

There is no better choice for Early Childhood education than Hillcrest Christian Academy!.

Our three-year old program provides children with a healthy, encouraging, and loving atmosphere in which to introduce them to the school environment. Our goal is to make their introduction to school a positive one, which will instill in them a love for lifelong learning. Children learn how to participate in large group activities, follow directions, sing songs, play games, listen to stories, paint, color, and use scissors. They learn to recognize their written names, identify colors and shapes, count to at least ten, sing the alphabet, and recite simple poems, including the Pledge of Allegiance! While the curriculum focuses on the development of fine and gross motor skills, the Bible and Biblical concepts are integrated throughout all activities. Children learn how to share, take turns, make friends, use manners, and pray.

Our program for four year olds is designed to prepare children for a successful transition into Kindergarten. Children grow through a comprehensive program that helps them learn and explore new concepts.

Abeka curriculum is not just an academic program, and not just playtime, it is both. The students will be challenged at an age-appropriate level where they can experience early success at learning. They will begin to recognize letters and letter sounds, phonics and number concepts, practice listening skills and eye-hand coordination and develop early writing skills. They will also learn how to be kind, love God, share, obey, tell the truth and be helpers. This curriculum will give the children a solid foundation of basic skills through a balanced academic program that takes every facet of physical, emotional and intellectual development into account.

Abeka’s Bible program presents the Word of God in story form through colorful flash card stories. Each story has a coloring page. Every month the Bible curriculum has 5 songs to go along with the stories. Along with the Bible stories, coloring pages and Bible songs the students will also do memory verses. The memory verses are short verses that apply to a young child’s life.

Our Kindergarten Program is designed to nurture the heart, soul, and mind of our students, and includes lessons in Bible, Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Whether you choose our half-day program or our full-day program, your child will receive the best academic training, solid spiritual values, and socialization skills.

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What Our Parents Say

“We absolutely love Hillcrest!!! Michael is in Full-day Kindergarten. We plan on sending him all the way thru grade 12! Nothing beats a Christian education with God in the center of it all! The staff have a real love for these kids. Can't say enough amazing things about this school!!!! Mrs. Janusey is absolutely amazing!!!”
--Brandi Mariano

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